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FINE ART PANORAMICS - The images below are shot with a Noblex 150, Medium format camera. The film image is approximately 9 times the size of a regular 35mm slide image. With this large film size we can print extremely large and tack sharp images. The Noblex system lens does not have a focusing function. It only shoots to infinity. There are of course drawbacks to this, but the advantage to this system is that it creates incredibly clear and sharp images. This past year I have added a digital camera and technique to my panoramic efforts. I now shoot with a Canon 5D and a panoramic frame system on my tripod. This allows me to shoot mutiple images and then digitally stitch them together in the computer process. This allows for huge file size and the ability to print with the same quality as the Noblex film camera at any size needed. Please enjoy your vist and look around.

Among Giants - Ghost Panel, Horseshoe Canyon, UT
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Angkor Wat Apsara - Angkor Wat - Cambodia
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Balcony View - Bussaco Palace - Portugal
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Banteay Srey - Angkor Wat - Cambodia
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