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Angkor Wat is one of those places that brings to mind "Indiana Jones" and those incredible visuals of time buried in the jungle. I had a marvelous time here, but as usual, not enough time to really do it justice. With the rules as they are you are not allowed to enter the temples before sunrise or after sunset. That said, if you get up early and are one of the first parties into the Ankgor Wat complex it was a magical experience. The entire complex is named after the largest Temple in the area, Angkor Wat, but there are hundreds of smaller sites of incredible beauty. The majority are located in the Angkor Archaeological Park just north of the city of Siem Reap. The many temples date back from the early 9th century up to the 13th century. The temples vary in importance, historically, and are spread out over a large area. Many of the most famous are many miles from each other. It is very special to be the only one within a temple and in this quiet be able to feel the amazing history that took place here. I spent just 4 days here and could have made it my full two week location. Hope you will enjoy the visuals. And please email if you have any questions or comments.

Framed In Time - Angkor Wat Temple - Cambodia
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Preah Khan Temple - Angkor Wat - Siem Reap - Cambodia
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Ta Prohm - Angkor Wat - Cambodia
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Ta Prohm Morning - Ta Prohm - Angkor Wat - Cambodia
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