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I travelled to Kenya in June of 2007. I was very fortunate to accompany a group of people organized through the University of Wyoming Adult Learning Center. The trip was organized and coordinated by Professors Michael Day and John Kambutu at the University. John is from Kenya. We were on a package deal, in that we got to travel to many parts of this wonderful country. First stop was Mount Kenya National Park on the forested flanks of Mount Kenya. Then to Aberdare National Park staying at the famous Ark, overlooking waterholes in both locations. Then off to the Northern Rift Valley and Lake Nakuru National Park (amazing place with a million flamingos taking wing, in addiiton to Rhinos, Leopards, Hippos and more). We headed another 62 miles north to Lake Baringo and Lake Bogoria for more amazing bird life. Next to western Kenya and the Kakamega National Reserve. This is Kenya's equatorial Rainforest area with incredible flora and fauna. We then headed back South to Tabaka village near Lake Victoria. John and Michael saved the best for last taking us to the Masai Mara National Reserve on the Western border with Tanzania. Masai Mara is the famous Savannah migration area for untold numbers of wildlife. We came upon Zebra, Wildebeests, Giraffes, Buffalo, Elephants, Gazelles, Cheetahs and amazing prides of Lions, to mention a few. The Savannah is called the Serengeti on the Tanzanian side and Masai Mara in Kenya. I had camera problems and did not reach home with all the images I had hoped to acquire. No worries... The people and countryside made up for all. It is a country of contrasts, particularly if you are on a plush, escorted safari. You travel past poverty, draught, sickness, dispair while sitting in your pop-top van as if this is an amusement park. It was very hard for me not to have a feeling of guilt thinking of this incredible contrast of lifestyle while traveling through this amazing country. What I bring back are thoughts of the wonderful resilience of the Kenyan people and even, given many of their circumstances, their incredible joy of life and genuine happiness to see you and meet you. It is true; many hands are out, but it is very understandable. My philosophy with tipping is...If I can afford to get to this place I can surely afford to spread my limited wealth while there. Please take some time here and see a little of one of my lifetime experiences. ENJOY !!!

Lion In Wait
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Masai Brothers
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Masai Hands
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Masai Tapestry
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